RCmania Project Description
by Project0

Diogo Teixeira, Marco Leal, Marco Vale, Ricardo Sabino
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Important notice:
The project is being restructured, some information in this page may not be appliable anymore.

Short Description:

RCmania is a 3D Racing Game featuring remote controlled vehicles to be ported to many platforms, it's Free and Open Source.

Long Description:

RCmania is a project that was started a few months back, it has almost 10k lines of code at the moment. This project is an initiative of the Portuguese Game Developer Community to gather experienced and less experienced game developers united in the same objective, to create a full featured game.

The result of this initiative is to be given back to the community in the form of Source Code to be used in other Free and Open Source game projects and as a very entertaining piece of game software. Also the less experienced developers in the project have the unique oportunity to work with the experienced ones.
The game is also being ported to many platforms, including linux and unix, we also plan to port it to mobile platforms like handhelds or cellphones in the future to get the game and the community's voice as further as possible.
It will feature inovative racing modes and joyfull gameplay.

This is a very positive iniciative and we hope to create more opportunities like this for the community in the future.
The core of the community is located at http://forum.gamedev-pt.net

The Logo:

The Motion Engine

Game engine features:

Software renderer features:

Screenshot remarks:

Earlier development screenshots:

The Motion Engine (running on other platforms)

Mandrake Linux:


PocketPC (emulator):

The Game (early stage testing)

The Game (current Pre-Alpha stage)

The Editor (current Pre-Alpha stage)